Hematology is the branch of medicine that deals with the study, diagnosis, and treatment of disorders related to blood and its components, such as red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, and plasma. Hematologists analyze blood samples to diagnose conditions like anemia, leukemia, and clotting disorders, and provide appropriate medical interventions.

Test nameSpecimen requiredContainer/vialmethodologyReporting tatRate
AECEDTA bloodLavender top vialFlow cytometry/ sysmex XN350Same day250
APTTCitrate bloodBlue top vialOptomechanicalSame day500
Blood groupEDTA bloodLavender topmanualSame day100
Bone marrow aspirationBone marrowSmears, lavender and green top vialsMicroscopy,2days1500
Bone marrow biopsyBone marrow biopsy10% Formalin containerMicroscopy7days1000
Coombs test direct/indirectEDTA blood & serumLavender and red/gold topManual, microscpySame day500
CBC routineEDTA bloodLavender topImpedence, fluorescence, and SLS-Hb/Sysmex XN350Same day300
CBC advancedEDTA bloodLavender topImpedence, optical, flow, florescence, SLS-hbSame day500
ESRCitrate bloodBlack topWestergrens methodSame day150
G6PDEDTA bloodLavender topMethylene blue reductionSame day600
Hb variant analysisEDTA bloodLavender topHplc , Biorad D10Same day1200
PBFEDTA bloodLavender topMicroscopySame day250
Prothrombin timeCitrate bloodBlue topOptomechanicalSame day300
Reticulocyte countEDTA bloodLavender topAutomatedSame day300
Malaria parasite smearEDTA bloodLavender topMicroscopySame day150
Immature platelet fractionEDTA bloodLavender topFlowcytometry, opticalSame day500
Platelet countEDTA bloodLavender topOptical, impedenceSame day150
Blood group by gel technologyEdta blood, serumLavender top, red topId card-liss method- column agglutinationSame day200
Hematology is a broad field with several subspecialties that focus on specific aspects of blood disorders. Some subspecialties include:
  • Pediatric Hematology: Focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of blood disorders in children.
  • Hematopathology: Deals with the laboratory diagnosis of blood disorders through the examination of blood samples, bone marrow, and lymph nodes.
  • Transfusion Medicine: Involves the management of blood transfusions and the prevention and treatment of transfusion-related complications.
  • Hemostasis and Thrombosis: Concentrates on the study of blood clotting disorders and the prevention and treatment of excessive bleeding or clotting.

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